Mavala Nail Shield - ONLY 1 LEFT!

Mavala Nail Shield is a highly effective 2-phase system that reinforces, adds elasticity and supports fragile nails.

This nail strengthening system is perfect for very weak, soft and fragile nails, especially for nails that are recovering from gel and acrylics. It effectively protects nail surface, which is particularly sensitive to external damage and can be very easily weakened by exposure to sun, water and detergents.

Nail Shield 's unique formula has been developed to give fragile nails resistance and protect them from the external damages. Wrapped in a protective coat, nails then can effectively regenerate and grow stronger, while being protected from breaking, flaking and external impacts.


Phase 1 - Apply a coat of Nylon Fibre Base over the entire nail and allow it to dry; it forms an actual trellis. The nail will be slightly rough.

Phase 2 - Apply a coat of Sealer and let it dry completely. If the surface remains rough, apply another coat. The nail will become smooth and ready for manicure.


Phase 1: Nylon fibers to form a protective network evenly on the nail surface to act as a strong shield.

Phase 2: Mattifying pigments and ridge filler to cover the rough fibers and make the nail surface smooth, ready for nail polish application.

Certified cruelty-free & 5-free.

2 bottles of 10 ml

Made in Switzerland.

NOTE: Just back in stock! Only 1 left.

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