Flakies Nail Foil - 4 Colours - ONLY 1 LEFT!

Set of 2 - Silver & Gold
Set of 4 Colours
Create the trendiest nail art looks of 2017 with these amazing flakie nail foils! This professional quality foil is suitable for gel, shellac and nail polish.

4 colours available:
- gold - ONLY 1 LEFT!
- silver
- bronze oil slick
- green oil slick

You can buy these nail foils as a set of 2 (silver & gold), set of 4 (all colours) or individual colours.

Please choose carefully when making your order.

Each jar contains 1 piece of nail foil 4x4cm.

IMPORTANT: this flakies nail foil is very easy to use and does not require a special top coat. You can use gel, shellac or nail polish top coats. Simply apply over nail polish while still wet (or sticky layer of gel, add 1-2 layers of a top coat and you're done!

Imported: Japan.


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