Mavala Mavaderma Nail Growth Accelerator - ONLY 1 LEFT!

Mavaderma is Mavala's hero product for a reason! This nourishing massage oil is a highly effective nail growth accelerator that makes your nails grow faster, longer and stronger.

If your nails grow slowly, sometimes it could be due to bad blood circulation because blood nourishes nail roots.

Simply massage Mavaderma onto the nail bed area daily and watch your nails grow faster, stronger and healthier. The perfectly balanced blend of olive, sweet almond and wheat germ oils instantly nourishes the nail root area and promotes healthy nail growth, while the rich emollient oils keep your skin supple and soft.


Contains vitamin E rich wheat oil, which is nourishing and strengthening, olive oil, which improves nail structure and sweet almond oil, which is emollient and regenerating.


Apply Mavaderma to the nail bed area (cuticle area) and massage gently to accelerate the penetration. Leave it on until completely absorbed.

* Never apply Mavaderma before a manicure, as it will leave an oily residue which could affect the adherence of your nail polish.

Free from formaldehyde, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate and parabens.


10 ml

Made in Switzerland.

NOTE: limited quantities available. Only 1 left in stock.

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