Mavala Ridge Filler

Mavala Ridge Filler instantly evens out nail surface, resulting in perfectly smooth nails and long lasting manicure. Its perfect for dry, splitting nails and also mature nails that are prone to ridges.

Ridged nails make it difficult to apply nail polish evenly and affect your manicure longevity. Nail polish does not bond with your nails properly if they are ridged and therefore, it will chip more.

Mavala Ridge Filler evens out the ridges on your nails, covers small cracks and smooths out nail surface. Thus, making it much easier for you to apply nail polish perfectly and preventing nail polish chipping.


  1. Apply 1 coat of the Ridge Filler over the entire surface of the nail and let it dry before continuing your regular manicure.
  2. Deep ridges may require a second coat. Allow to dry and continue with your manicure or directly apply one coat of Gel Effect top coat.
  3. If you have damaged nails, combine Ridge Filler with one of the highly effective Mavala nail care treatments.


Matifying pigments, ridge filler particles to cover and smooth irregularities.

Free from formaldehyde, sodium laureth sulfate, paraben and fragrance.

Certified cruelty-free & 5-free.

10 ml

Made in Switzerland.

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