Mavala Mava-Flex Moisturising Nail Serum - ONLY 1 LEFT!

Mavala Mava-Flex moisturizing serum is a highly effective strengthening treatment for nails that are very dry, brittle and break often.

Nails can become brittle and fragile due to external drying factors, such as harsh chemicals, frequent contact with water, soap and/or overexposure to sun. Also internal factors such as age and diet can cause nail dryness and breakage.


Mavala Mava-Flex nail strengthener efficiently moisturizes nail plate, restores and maintains nail flexibility and resilience. This well-balanced concentrate based on urea and saccharides, calcium, lemon oil and vitamin B5 penetrates, moisturizes and strengthens your nails day after day. The result: healthy, flexible and resilient nails, that do not break anymore. 


Brush Mava-Flex on the entire nail surface, after removing nail polish, grease or oil. Massage it in with your thumb and leave to absorb. If you continue with your manicure, make sure you remove the excess with a paper tissue.

Used twice a week on bare nails, ideally before going to bed to allow this serum to act during the night.


Contains urea and saccharide to restore the optimum moisture balance and improve nail flexibility, calcium to strengthen nails, lemon essential oil and vitamin B5 to reinforce nail structure.

Free from formaldehyde, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate, paraben and fragrance.

Certified cruelty-free, vegan friendly & 5-free.

10 ml

Made in Switzerland.

NOTE: limited quantities available. Only 1 left in stock.

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